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Madden 21 Franchise Tips & Resource Center

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Resources

Here Are The Superstar Abilities You Want In Madden 21 Franchise Mode

EA Sports released their long anticipated franchise update this week with the big new feature being the ability to choose …

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Team Rankings 1-32

Selecting a team is the most important moment of any Madden 21 franchise. Choose wisely and you set yourself up …

Madden 21 Superstar Abilities Tier List For Each Archetype In Franchise Mode

One of the most important decisions you will make in franchise mode is to determine which archetype you want to …

Madden 21 rookie development traits

Which Rookies Have Development Traits in Madden 21 Franchise Mode

Development traits can make or break a player in franchise mode. They are especially important for rookies because they will …

Madden 21 all superstar and x-factor abilities

Every Superstar and X-Factor Ability In Madden 21 And Which Players Have Them

Superstar and X-Factor abilities are incredibly important in Madden 21. If you have players with effective abilities and you know …

Our Madden 21 Superstar X-Factor Tool

Madden 21 Franchise Scouting Guide

Maddne 21 Scouting Draft Combine

Madden 21 Scouting Guide (Part 1) – How Combine Results Affect Physical Attributes

The most popular franchise related request during the first month of Madden 21 was for a guide that helps with …

Madden 21 Scouting Guide (Part 2) – Positional Grades

In part 1 of our Madden 21 scouting guide, we went over how to know what physical ratings like speed, …

Madden 21 Scouting Guide (Part 3) – How To Scout A Rookie’s Overall Rating

If you haven’ t yet checked out part 1 and part 2 of our Madden 21 franchise scouting guide, I’d …

Madden 21 Scouting Guide (Part 4) – How Draft Stories Impact Development Traits

One of the most important things in any draft is to try to get rookies with development traits. Star dev, …

Our Madden 21 Cap Penalty Calculator

End Of Season Development Trait Increases

Madden 21 eBooks & Strategy Guides

Madden 21 Franchise Mode Beginner Tips

Madden 21 resign players

How To Resign Players In Madden 22 Franchise Mode

Resigning players is a big part of keeping a solid team in franchise mode. Throughout the season, in the main …

madden 21 trades

How To Trade A Player In Madden 22 Franchise Mode

Trading away a player, or trading for a player is really easy in Madden 22. In order to trade a …

How To Franchise Tag A Player In Madden 22

Some players just don’t want to sign with you no matter how generous of a contract offer you give them. …

madden 21 change superstar ability

How To Change A Player’s Superstar Abilities In Madden 21 Franchise Mode

There are times when an elite player on your team gets stuck with a useless superstar/x-factor ability. Luckily, you aren’t …

4 Tips For Joining An Online Franchise In Madden 22

One of the best experiences you can have in Madden is being a part of a well run online franchise. …

How Skill Points, XP, & Progression Work

Where To Recruit For Your Online Franchise

It can be difficult to find players to fill out your league. Here are a few places that make it easy!

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