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Here Are The Superstar Abilities You Want In Madden 21 Franchise Mode

EA Sports released their long anticipated franchise update this week with the big new feature being the ability to choose the Superstar and X-Factor abilities that your players get.

This is a gamechanger and allows you to equip your best players with the most dominant abilities in Madden 21.

We are going to focus on Superstar abilities since they impact games much more than X-Factor abilities (which rarely are activated).

Every non-special teams position but quarterback has 2 ability slots. For the most part, you unlock your first ability slot and 70 overall and your second slot at 85 overall. Offensive lineman unlock their 2nd ability slot at 80 overall instead of 85.

Superstar X-Factor quarterbacks get 5 ability slots unlocked at 60, 70, 80, 85, and 90 with the most game-changing abilities usually become available at higher overall ratings.

Keep in mind that these are just some of our recommendations. You may have players on your team that wont fit with these recommendations and that is fine but if you have no idea which superstar abilities to use, this is a great starting point.

Before we get started, lets briefly cover how to change your players’ abilities. All you have to do is go into your franchise. Then navigate to My Team – Roster – Click on the player you want to edit – scroll over to abilities and then click on the ability you want to edit.

Then just select the ability you want to replace it with.

Now let’s move onto our ability recommendations.

Quarterback: Escape Artist, Hot Route Master, Pass Lead Elite, Gunslinger, Fastbreak, Dashing Deadeye, Protected, Conductor, Fearless

Running Back: Evasive, Bulldozer, Reach For It, RB Apprentice, Human Joystick, Playmaker

Wide Receiver/Tight End: Route Technician, Route Apprentice, Grab-N-Go, Any Apprentice that gives you access to 4 more routes, Slot-O-Matic

Offensive Line: Edge Protector, Nasty Streak, Puller Elite, Secure Protector

Pass Rusher: Edge Threat, Under Pressure, Strip Specialist, Pass Committed

Run Stopper: Inside Stuff

Linebacker: Enforcer,  Mid Zone KO, Medium Route KO, Lurker, Outmatched

Cornerback: Acrobat, One Step Ahead, Any of the KOs

Safety: Any of the KOs, Tackle Supreme, Acrobat

Kicker: Focused Kicker

Remember that these are just recommendations. It isn’t an exhaustive list and there are plenty of good abilities not covered. These should be used as a starting point. They wont be right for every team and every player but these abilities are some of the better ones in the game.

Let us know what your favorite Madden 21 superstar abilities are in the comments section below!

Now check out our page dedicated to everything you need to know to get an edge in your Madden 21 franchise!

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3 years ago

Thank you

Peter Adeleke
Peter Adeleke
2 years ago

Do you need a 90 overall to unlock the superstar x-factor ability as a defensive back(cornerback) in madden 21?

2 years ago

Pass Commited better than Edge Threat?

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