Madden 21 Superstar X-Factor Tool

Madden 21 Superstar X-Factor Abilities

1LOLBKhalil MackChicago BearsUnstoppable ForceYes
2LOLBKhalil MackChicago BearsEdge ThreatNo
3LOLBKhalil MackChicago BearsNo OutsidersNo
4LOLBKhalil MackChicago BearsStrip SpecialistNo
5WRAllen RobinsonChicago BearsOutside ApprenticeNo
6WRAllen RobinsonChicago BearsDeep Out EliteNo
7WRCordarelle PattersonChicago BearsReturn ManNo
8HBJoe MixonCincinnati BengalsArm BarNo
9HBJoe MixonCincinnati BengalsBalance BeamNo
10DTGeno AtkinsCincinnati BengalsReach EliteNo
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