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Unknown Defenses With Potential To Win You Games In Madden 18

Madden 18 puts a premium on playing solid defense. Madden 18’s new gameplay features and improvements such as coaching adjustments and CB-WR best-on-best match-ups means playing good defense can win you some games. Luckily, the pros at Madden School know as much about spotting great defense as they do deadly offense. Today, we’re looking at

All Madden 18 Player Development Traits For Franchise Mode

It is extremely important in your Madden 18 franchise to have players with Superstar and Quick development traits and to avoid players with Slow development. We’ve put together a list of every player in Madden 18 who has non-normal development sorted by team.  Feel free to search and sort to find the players or teams

Madden 18 Coaching Adjustments – How To Use Them

Those of you who played the NCAA Football video games know all about the coaching adjustments option in Madden 18.  For many of you though, it is brand new.  We are going to go over what it is, when to call what, and how to properly use it. First off, the coaching adjustments screen can