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Making Decisions for Madden 18 Franchise Mode

As the Madden 18 release date, August 25th is quickly approaching, it’s time to talk strategy about how you are going to create the best dynasty franchise mode has ever seen. Whether you are playing in an online league with your friends or an offline franchise where you compete against the CPU, it’s good to

An Argument for All Draft Champion Strategies

Defense wins championships! A good offense is the best defense! Life is all about balance! The argument has been going on for decades and will no doubt continue even after this persuasive article. Well I’ve got good news, you’re all right! There is no single cookie cutter answer to mastering your draft. There are about

Madden 18 Gameplay Trailer Released

Finally, after months of waiting, EA Sports released the official gameplay trailer for Madden 18. We’ve all been waiting to see the actual Madden 18 gameplay trailer. The first game trailer unofficially signals the start of Madden season. Gameplay footage from the EA Play event was leaked a few months ago, but it only gave