There are times when an elite player on your team gets stuck with a useless superstar/x-factor ability. Luckily, you aren’t stuck with that ability forever.

In Madden 21 Franchise mode there are two different ways you can use to change the Superstar and X-Factor abilities your player has. The first option works best for offline franchise, while the second option works best for online franchise.


Assuming you are the Coach or Owner of the team here are the initial steps.

Option 1

Step 1: Retire your Coach or Owner

Step 2: Then select your team again and choose to join the league as a “player”

Step 3: Select the player on your team that you wish to change their abilities


Step 4: View the player card of the player you picked

Step 5: Press LB or L1 to scroll over to “abilities”

Step 6: Choose which abilities you want the player to have

Step 7: Retire once again then reselect your team as the Coach or Owner and you are good to go

Option 2

The alternate way of doing this is often referred to as the reroll technique or just “reroll” in case you do not want to retire your Coach for XP purposes.

Step 1: Go to your team’s roster


Step 2: Select to view the player card of the player you wish to change the abilities on

Step 3: Click “Edit Player”

Step 4: Change the player’s position to any other position

Step 5: Change the player’s position back to his original position.

Step 6: Look at the abilities he now has (they will be different). Repeat this process until you have the abilities you want.

Keep in mind that the abilities a player is eligible to receive is based on his archetype. You can learn more about that process here.


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