Some players just don’t want to sign with you no matter how generous of a contract offer you give them. Luckily, you can franchise tag 1 player per season so you don’t lose them to free agency.

Here is how you do it.


Once you are in the first week of the offseason you will have the “last chance” option to resign players under your “things to do” in the main screen of the franchise.

Step 1: Click on the player you want to franchise tag and hit “Negotiate (Last Chance)”

Step 2: If the player hasn’t already rejected you earlier in the season, make the player an offer that he will not accept, such as a low signing bonus or total amount of money

Step 3: The player will decline your offer and then you will see the option that says “Franchise Tag”


Step 4: Click “Franchise Tag” and it will let you tag that player for the season

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