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Welcome To The Madden 17 Kansas City Defensive eBook

Thank you for purchasing the Madden 17 Kansas City Defensive eBook for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  The eBook will be viewable directly on our website or via our Madden School Unlimited app.  This eBook is based out of the Kansas City defensive playbook but many of the plays can be found in other 3-4 teams playbooks as well.

Keep in mind this ebook is not supposed to act as an official strategy guide.  It is just a collection of tips from our team of professional madden gamers organized in a way that is easy to understand.

Dive Right Into The Madden 17 Kansas City Defensive eBook

Or pick and choose the formations you would like to see.

Formation #1: 3-4 Bear

Formation #2: 3-4 Odd

Formation #3: 3-4 Over

Formation #4: Nickel 2-4-5 DBL A-Gap

Formation #5: Nickel 2-4-5

Formation #6: Big Dime 2-3-6

Formation #7: Quarter 1-3-7

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  1. which is the best run stopping formation and play ?

  2. How do I stop the Antonio brown/Leveon Bell duo?

  3. What do you guys use as your base run defense out of this? Like the Jax playbook the 46 cover 2 invert works pretty well as a base run stop with good coverage, is there a play in this playbook that can be used the same?

    1. Probably the 3-4 Bear cover 3 or Cover 2 invert

  4. Whats the most effective formations in this book? Whats the most effective blitz in the book too?

    1. I’d probably stick with 3-4 Odd, Nickel 2-4-5 DBL A Gap and Dime 2-3-6 at first. Any of the plays and blitzes in there are usually pretty effective.

  5. What’s the best defense against post routes and corner routes ? As soon as they turn the corners they get open.

    1. A Max cover 3 or cover 4 zone with purple zones will usually stop post routes and corner routes.

  6. Do we need to stop play flip for this ebook too

  7. Your nickel 2-4-5 scheme is off the charts! The Cover 3 bluff is crazy fast and good. Im getting accused of using a nano blitz from one of the you tube dumb asses. Good work!

    1. which play are you referring to, I can’t seem to find it.

  8. what defense i can use for drag route..thanks

    1. Any zone defense with hard flats and put a defensive lineman in a qb spy. That usually does a fairly good job although drags in general are very hard to stop

  9. Do you have any plays out of the 335 odd?

    1. Not right now but we are working on something that could be released in the future

  10. So I like to run around one personalle what would you recommend