PA Option Pass

We’ve already went over a quick pass, a running play, and a screen pass in the Pistol Weak formation.  Today’s Madden 25 tip will complete our scheme from the Pistol Weak and add one more play to the already effective formation.

You can check out the play details and video below.

Playbook: Carolina Panthers

Formation: Pistol Weak

Play: PA Option Pass


  1. Hot route your fullback to an option route
  2. Hot route your tight end to an extended in route


  1. Against man to man defense, first look to your running back on the option route or your tight end on the extended in route
  2. Against zone defense, read between the running back on the option route and the X/square receiver on the post route

Madden School Pro Tip: Use a running back with decent speed and catch ratings in the 2nd halfback spot.

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