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Pistol Weak Scheme – PA Option Pass

PA Option Pass

We’ve already went over a quick pass, a running play, and a screen pass in the Pistol Weak formation.  Today’s Madden 25 tip will complete our scheme from the Pistol Weak and add one more play to the already effective formation.

You can check out the play details and video below.

Madden NFL 25: Pistol Weak - PA Option Pass
Playbook: Carolina Panthers

Formation: Pistol Weak

Play: PA Option Pass


  1. Hot route your fullback to an option route
  2. Hot route your tight end to an extended in route


  1. Against man to man defense, first look to your running back on the option route or your tight end on the extended in route
  2. Against zone defense, read between the running back on the option route and the X/square receiver on the post route

Madden School Pro Tip: Use a running back with decent speed and catch ratings in the 2nd halfback spot.

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  1. Ok I play with the 3-4 playbook on defense and Im trying to find a good formation out of that playbook to stop the run and get good pressure and coverage out of.. I play alot of good qb that make me second guess the blitz which messes w/ my run defense what do you suggest I do?

  2. The plays help out lots
    need one more running play to keep it even i Just like plays thank you and your team so much for what you do.

  3. Okay, I have a request if you are still looking for them..

    I love passing out of the formation: Singleback: Big Twins. Makes overloading zones and throwing deep on the left side incredibly easy with your #1 receiver in the slot.. and I believe it really helps out my matchup since I’m throwing out of my 2 TE set.

    For anyone wondering, Smash is an easy play to run out of that formation.

    The problem is that I can’t find any good running plays in this formation to keep it balanced, or even keep the threat there. I can get a draw to work every now and then, but nothing is reliable in the slightest that I have tried. Any ideas?

  4. Is there a way to hand the ball off on this play?

    1. No you can’t hand off the ball using this play