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IForm Flex Twins – Saints HB Power

saints hb power

Running the football is easier than ever in Madden 25, so in today’s free tip we will be going over one of our favorite run plays in this year’s game called Saints HB Power.

We have the full video breakdown below.

Madden 25 Running Play: IForm Twins Flex - Saints HB Power

: New Orleans Saints

Formation: IForm Flex Twins

Play: Saints HB Power


  1. None required, but you can flip the run to the other side.

Madden School Pro Tip: This play works best with a running back with a high speed rating.  Mix it in with some passing plays out of the same formation to make it even more effective.

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  1. I can not hit a field goal to save my life. Can you give us some tips on hitting field goals? Great tips by the way. Ty

  2. I need a good formation to stop the run. Help please. People run all over my defense

  3. I love your free information. It’s very helpful. What is the quickest nano blitz setup.r there any your e-books. Most books have to many adjustments. Not enough time n this years game.

  4. How come you guys don’t talk about seattle’s playbook they have some good plays in there.

  5. Shotgun Normal Flex Wing HB Dive is an unstoppable play. Can you help find a defense to stop it?

  6. Is there a saints ebook on the way?!?!

    1. At this time we have no plans to develop a Saints eBook for ps3 or xbox 360 this year.