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Madden 25 Passing Tip: Pistol Weak – Y Corner

pistol weak madden 25

In today’s free Madden 25 tip, we are going over another play out of the Carolina Panthers offensive playbook which is what our Madden 25 Offensive Domination eBook is based out of.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 25 Offensive Tip: Pistol Weak Y Corner

: Carolina Panthers

Formation: Pistol Weak

Play: Y Corner


  1. Smart route your 2nd running back
  2. (Optional) Hot route your receivers on the right side of the screen to whatever you want


  1. Make your read between the X/square receiver and the running back coming out of the backfield on the left side (see video for explanation)
  2. If they are both covered, look to your receiver that you hot routed on the right side of the field.

Madden School Pro Tip: Use a running back with good catch ratings in the 2nd running back spot for maximum effectiveness.

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  1. Can you make a video on stoppin playaction? It seems like everytime I have the perfect defense set up and my corners always bite on the playaction causing a huge gain at crucial moments. If there is a blitz where I can user and sack the QB myself that would be really great, but in general what is the perfect defense for the playaction pass? obviously playaction feeds off the run which I am good at stopping but this playaction computer biting is really bothering me.

    1. Arnold a.k.a. – When trying to stop playaction it it best to PASS COMMIT (LT/L2 then up on the right stick). Another idea would be when ever sending a blitz ALWAYS pass commit. Your blitzs should at least get pressure 9/10 vs not pass commiting and sending a blitz.

  2. Lately ive ran into alot of people abusing the QB SNEAK on 4th & 1! & 10 times out of 10 its an easy completion!! Can u PLEASEEE give a tip for defending the QB SNEAK!!!!!!!!!! I think the madden school community would highly appreciate it!! Once again PLEASSSEEEEE I BEGGGGGGG lol thanks.

    1. PLEASSSEEEEEE Give a tip on defending the QB SNEAKKKK!!!!!! Please

  3. I just watched the new play from the Carolina PB. It goes to show to you that you really take the time to do read the comments people leave and you truly care about your customers. As I have said in my last post, I would pay an additional $$ for more great plays out of this book. You have my email address, let’s talk.
    Great jobs!!

  4. It’s an awesome carolina playbook. I also purchased the ebook and would also like to see more plays out of it thanks..

  5. Great tip, passing out of the pistol is beast this year. I got your defensive ebook and so far it’s been getting me stops. I’d like a blitz/max coverage tip using nickel Normal sugar 3 buzz. The 3 seam tip is fantastic but gets beat by slant outs even when I yellow my corner and press. I appreciate any feedback you can provide thanks again.

    1. I also bought the defensive Ebook, and it’s helped no doubt. I use the Carolina offense and the only real formation I’m good out of is the singleback twin. I agree posting more plays from Carolina play book would be awesome. Bcuz when your opponent knows the deep post is coming its tough. And they play purple zones everytime bcuz most of the routes are towards the corners.