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Awesome Madden 25 Running Play: Pistol Weak – HB Zone Wk

madden 25 running

In today’s free Madden 25 tip, we are continuing to go over a Pistol Weak scheme found in the Panthers playbook.  This running play is extremely hard to stop if you don’t know it is coming.

The full breakdown can be found below.

Madden 25 Strategy: Pistol Weak - HB Zone Wk

: Carolina Panthers

Formation: Pistol Weak

Play: HB Zone Wk


  1. None Required
  2. (Optional) Motion the tight end to the left

You can either cut the run inside or outside, it is completely up to you and what the defense is doing.

We’ll continue breaking down the Pistol Weak formation tomorrow.

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  1. I reaaly enjoy you videos. . Very informative and clear. I have 2 requests.
    1. How to stop the QB dive over the pile.
    2. On D.. when I put my cbs in yellow zones.. and the O resets my yellows go from straight back to a middle of the field angle. How can I prevent this?
    Keep up the good work fellas!!

  2. Thanks alot for all the tips, i bought the defensive ebook last year and this year i enjoyed them both. i was just wondering if there is an ebook available for the 34 defense or is there one in the works, if not can we get any tips u have for the 34 defense? and also more coverage tips. thanks, i do realize im asking for alot. lol

  3. Enjoying every tip so far. I agree with BigDose on his request. Can u do a tip on
    Much respect and keep up the good work!!!!!