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Madden 25 Offensive Domination eBook

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The Madden 25 Offensive Domination eBook is now available! It includes 43 plays out of 11 formations all in the Carolina Panthers playbook. It has a good mix of passing plays, traditional running plays, and the new option runs.  If you are serious about having a dominant offense in Madden 25, this is the ebook for you.

Our ebooks are 100% accessible on all smart phones, tablets, PCs, Macs, and anything else that has access to the internet. Each play in the ebook includes a full HD video with voice over and a written breakdown. The formations broken down in this eBook are:

  1. Singleback Ace
  2. Singleback Ace Pair Flex
  3. Singleback Bunch Ace
  4. Singleback Tight Slots
  5. Strong Close
  6. Pistol Full Panther
  7. Pistol Strong
  8. Gun Doubles
  9. Gun Y-Trips TE Slot
  10. Gun Trips TE
  11. Gun Trey Open

Our longtime customers understand how in-depth our ebooks are but some of you who are new to Madden School may not know what to expect from them. That is why we are including a sample which breaks down a few plays from Singleback Tight Slots formation below.

Formation: Singleback Tight Slots

Play: HB Wheel


  1. Hot route you’re a/X receiver to a streak and send him in motion to the left


  1. Your first read is the Y/triangle receiver on the corner route
  2. If he is covered, look to your X/A receiver who should beat any kind of cover 3 defense deep

Play: Drag Cross Ups

Setup: None


  1. You want to quick pass to either your Y/triangle receiver or your A/X receiver

Play: Deep Post


  1. Hot route your Y/triangle receiver to a streak route
  2. (Optional) Block your running back


  1. Your X/square receiver should come open deep
  2. Your B/circle receiver will pretty much always be open on the drag route
  3. Your A/X receiver on the corner route will also be open pretty often

Play: Bench

Setup: None


  1. You want to look to your Y/triangle receiver or the A/X receiver

Play: HB Dive

Setup: None

Get instant access to 10 additional formations and 38 more plays broken down the same way when you purchase the Madden 25 Offensive Domination eBook for Madden 25. Order your ebook today to get a head start on the competition!


Instant Access! Only $24.99!

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  1. Another awesome ebook guys. The strong close and pistol strong breakdowns are nasty. Do you also do defensive ebooks?

    1. Glad you are enjoying our offensive ebook. Our first defensive ebook will be completed by late tonight.

  2. I just purchased the madden 25 offensive ebook but cant see it when I log on with my account.

    1. I added it to you account now. It wasn’t added automatically because it was purchased with a different name and email address than the name and email of your previous ebook purchases so it created a separate account for you not recognizing who you were. Let me know if you have any other questions.

  3. Nice job with the offensive ebook. Nice variety of plays and insight that can be applied farther once the knowledge is gained.

  4. Are these the same ebook that will be used with the ps4

    1. The gameplay on PS4 and XBOX One will be different. No one knows yet since it is still so far away. It is likely that some of the concepts will also work on the next gen consoles but we really cant say that for sure.

  5. Hey dude, good stuff, I love it. I bought your defense and offense guide plus the 365 member. Can u help me setup my audible on defense and offense because there are so many good plays I’m having hard time to choose 5 plays for my audibles. I’d really appreciate it. Thanx

    1. Audibles are completely different in Madden 25 than ever before. You can set 4 audibles per formation so you aren’t just limited to 5 audibles anymore.

  6. Ook cool thanx. Can u make a video about the new audibles features just for the madden 365 members because a lot of people have no idea how its works.

    1. Ya we’ll do something like that for our 365 members in a few days. Thanks for the suggestion.

  7. Just purchased your O ebook. So far so good but I am having trouble finding these two formations out of the shotgun from the Carolina playbook. I am on PS3 but I wouldn’t think there’d be any difference in the formations from the same game.

    Chapter 8: Gun Doubles

    Chapter 10: Gun Trips TE

    1. I’m really not sure why that is. Just go into any game or practice mode and choose the Carolina Panthers playbook and the formations will be there.

    2. If your using a custom playbook, Gun Doubles is called Gun Normal.

  8. Sup guys, this is looking GREAT, are your guys working on a defensive scheme out the 46 playbook any time soon?

    1. We may look into the 46 defense a little later on since it is usually a very good madden but we dont have any plans to make it into an ebook at this time

  9. i just purchased the offense book, but when i log in it only shows the madden 13 books i have from last year

    1. It looks like because you used a different email address at purchase than last year, our system thought you were a different person and created a new account for you. I see you have now registered the new ebook. If you’d like I can add the new ebook to your old account.

  10. I bought your books last year and liked them. I am about to buy them again, they really made me look at how I played the game. I have been coming up with some killer plays, I have been putting up 45-52 Points just about every game and sometimes more. I would really like to show you some of these plays, and I have a few blitz and zone plays out of the Multi D playbook I think you would enjoy.