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Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook

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The Ultimate Defensive eBook for Madden 25 is now available!  Defense is harder than ever in Madden 25 but that didn’t stop us from putting together an ebook that will leave your opponent confused and angry. It has all sorts of A-gap pressure, B-Gap pressure, double edge heat, run stoppers, and much more (including how to turbo blitz in Madden 25).

It is based out of the Cincinnati Bengals defensive playbook but the majority of the plays can be found in any 4-3 defensive playbook.  The formations covered in the ebook are below.

  1. 4-3 Stack
  2. 4-3 Under
  3. 4-3 Over Plus
  4. 46 Normal
  5. Nickel Wide 9
  6. Nickel Normal
  7. Quarters Normal
  8. Quarters 3 Deep

Many of the plays in the ebook are very simple and can be done in 3 adjustments or less.  The hardest setups will take 4 adjustments with an optional 5th.  We have included a sample from the ebook below that is by far the most complicated setup.  If you can make these adjustments in about 10 seconds, you can easily use any play in the Madden 25 Ultimate Defensive eBook in an online game.

Madden 25 Defensive eBook Preview: Saw 0 Blitz

Play: Saw 0 Blitz


  1. Hot route your OLB on the right side of the screen to cover the guy who isn’t being covered (usually a running back or tight end)
  2. Shift your dline to the left
  3. Reblitz your DT#1 and move him over to the left 1 spot
  4. Take your OLB on the right side of the screen and reblitz him and move him between the right guard and center
  5. (Optional) Man align


Madden School Defensive eBook Preview: 4-3 Over Plus Cover 2 Sink

Play: Cover 2 Sink


  1. Shift D-line to the left
  2. Reblitz your DT#1 and move him over to the left 1 spot
  3. Hot route your MLB to blitz
  4. Hot route your OLB on the left side of the screen to a blitz and place him directly over the right guard.
  5. (Optional) Put your deep safeties in yellow zones
Madden 25 Defensive eBook Preview: 4-3 Over Plus Cover 3

Play: Cover 3


  1. Spread D-line
  2. Reblitz both DTs
  3. Shift linebackers out
  4. Reblitz both outside linebackers
  5. Make whatever adjustments you want to the zone defense behind it

Once your opponent is so concerned with you blitzing from the A gap and both sides of the formation all at the same time they will start blocking at least 1, probably 2 extra guys.  That is a good time to start calling some max coverage plays like 2 man under or cover 3.  You will have 7 0r 8 defenders in coverage against only 3 receivers.  At that point, you have the offense reacting to you and you have completely taken them out of their gameplan.

Remember, those plays are the most complicated and hardest to set up, so don’t worry if it seems like a long setup.  The majority of the plays in the eBook are 2-3 steps and take about 5 seconds max.

Purchase your Ultimate Defensive eBook for Madden 25 for only $24.99 and start dominating your opponents today!


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  1. What about 3-4 defense schemes are some in book or is it just 4-3??

    1. This ebook only covers formations in the Cincinnati Bengals playbook which is 4-3, 46, Nickel, Dime, and Quarters. Unfortunately it does not cover any 3-4. That is mostly because there isn’t as much pressure to be had out of 3-4 formations in Madden 25.

  2. Hey does the ebook come with updates throughout the madden 25 year?If I were to purchase today how would I get all the info??

    1. Yes as patches come out and gameplay changes we do update our ebooks. Once you purchase, you will receive an automatic email to the email you provided at checkout which will allow you to register and then access the ebook. If you have any other questions, let me know. I am happy to help.

      1. Thanks ill be purchasing today keep up the good work guys!

  3. Awesome ebook guys. Thanks for another great product

  4. Well I run 3-4 defense pretty well and 3-4 have quarter defense as well so will ebook be useful too??

    1. If you are looking to exclusively run a 3-4 defense, then this ebook probably wont help you too much. If you run a 4-3 defense or are open to running a 4-3 defense with a 3-4 team (this can be done very easily) then the ebook will be very helpful.

  5. Do yall mail ebook to your house after payment or do u download it to cpu or phone??

    1. After your purchase, we send you a registration link where you create a username and password. You then use that username and password to login to view the ebook on a CPU, phone, tablet, mac, etc

  6. Can you view the ebook thru Android or Apple?

    1. If you have a web browser on your phone (99.9% of smart phones) you can view the ebook on it.

  7. Ok thanks ill be ordering soon if yall come up with a 3-4 scheme let me know .I been running dat defense a long time just tryin to step my game up.

  8. Are these plays legit? Cause everytime I run these plays people tend to do short routes like screen and wr screen and slants and I get beat

    1. Yes these plays are legit. Obviously if you blitz the whole game your opponent will make adjustments so you do have to mix in coverage plays with the nano blitzes.

  9. When do I get the guide , in the past I usually got them right away

    1. The ebooks are sent out automatically after purchase. It should be in your inbox. If you still don’t see it, send an email to and we’ll resend it.

  10. It says I’ve reached a quota for logging in how?If I leave the screen or whatever it signs me out after a period of time and when y’all add updates will there be a seperate link or can will they just be added to the current breakdowns??

    1. This sometimes happens when you are trying to view the ebook in a few places at once. It is just a security precaution to prevent unauthorized redistribution on our ebooks. It will work again within a few hours. When we update the ebooks, it will be added to the ebook area and we’ll make sure you know about it when updates take place.