In Madden 16 it is harder than ever to get consistent pressure but we’ve found plenty of really effective nano blitzes.  We have one today that you can use to dominate right away.

In this free tip, we are going over a 5 man rush that brings heat from right up the middle.

Playbook: Most playbooks

Formation: Quarter Normal

Play: DB Strike 1


  1. (Optional) Use the linebacker pass rush package
  2. Shift your defensive line down
  3. Crash your defensive line down
  4. Move your blitzing cornerback on the left side of the screen down and in a little (See video for exact positioning)

Overview: This play can get extremely quick pressure anytime you are expecting your opponent to pass.  You may want to pass commit.

Slide protecting down doesn’t stop the pressure.  Also, most times if the offense blocks an extra running back or tight end on the right side of the screen, it won’t do anything either.

In case you are wondering how to slow down this play, all you have to do is either slide protect to the left or block an extra guy on the left side of the screen.  Play action passes can also cause this play not to get immediate pressure.

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Let’s get back to this blitz though.  In the next section, we explain what it should look like, why it works, and how to run it correctly.

DB Strike 1 Screenshot 2015-08-22 14-38-02

This is how the play should look pre-snap.  Remember to move your cornerback on the left side of the screen up towards the line of scrimmage and in a little.

DB Strike 1 Screenshot 2015-08-22 14-38-54

This shows you essentially what will happen if you set up the play correctly when the ball is snapped.  The LT will step out to block the cornerback.  The LG will try to block your defensive tackle leaving the defensive end free to get after the quarterback.

Madden 16 Nano: DB Strike 1

Right when the ball is snapped, you can see our defensive end scream through the gap with a free shot at the quarterback.

DB Strike 1 Screenshot 2015-08-22 14-40-16

The play ends in an easy sack before any receiver has a chance to get open.

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