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Singleback Tight Flex – Slot Corner

In this Madden School free tip, we are going over Slot Corner out of the Singleback Tight Flex formation in Madden 16.  The video breaks the play down against all of the common zone defenses as well as man to man defense.

Make sure to check out end of the video which shows the play in online games.

Madden 16 Singleback Tight Flex Money Play

Playbook: Chicago Bears

Formation: Singleback Tight Flex

Play: Slot Corner

Roster Setup:

  1. Left outside receiver: fastest, tallest, and best catching.
  2. Left slot receiver 2nd: fast and great route running.
  3. Right slot receiver: possession receiver good speed and catching.

Pre-Snap Setup:

  1. Put your left outside receiver on a streak route.
  2. (Optional Put your running back on a wheel route to the side of the receiver on the streak route.


  1. Your slot receiver on the corner route gets open against most defenses but sometimes he will be covered
  2. Against a lot of cover 3 defenses, the left outside receiver on the streak route will get open
  3. Your receiver on the drag route is a good bail out option

Overview: Mix this play in with the screen pass, dive and draw play from this formation to keep your opponent off balance.

Madden School Unlimited

The screenshots below are against a cover 3 press defense.

Singleback Tight Flex #1

This is how we should be lined up right before the ball is snapped.

Singleback Tight Flex #2

In this screenshot you can see that we have our receiver underneath and we can also probably hit our tight end over the middle.

Madden 16 Singleback Tight Flex

The free safety gets sucked up to try to cover our tight end on the post route leaving our wide receiver open behind him.

Singleback Tight Flex #4

We air it out and our receiver catches it for a touchdown.  Keep in mind this particular receiver will only be open against some cover 3 defenses.

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