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Madden 16 Offensive eBook

Madden 16 Offensive Domination eBook

Madden 16 Offensive Domination Guide

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The Madden School Offensive Domination eBook for Madden 16 on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One is now available!  All plays in the eBook can be found in the Tennessee Titans playbook.  The eBook includes 37 plays found in 11 different formations.  Each play comes with a full HD video with voiceover along with a detailed step by step written breakdown.

The eBook is designed to work on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One in all game modes including Ultimate Team, Head to Head, and Online Franchise mode.  The best part is, it is only $24.99!

It is harder than ever to consistently move the ball in Madden NFL 16.  Popular money plays and schemes from previous years no longer work but we have lots of new plays that allow you to easily move the ball down field.

Here is a sample video of a play we cover in the eBook.

The formations covered in the Madden 16 Offensive Domination eBook are:

  • Singleback Bunch Ace
  • Singleback Ace Close
  • Singleback Ace Pair Tight Twins
  • Singleback Wing Trips Open
  • Singleback Weak Close
  • I-Form Pro
  • I-Form Pro Twins
  • Weak Close
  • Gun DBLs Y-Flex Offset
  • Gun Trey Y-Flex
  • Gun Tight Flex
  • Pistol Y-Trips

We update the eBook throughout the year as new strategies come out or if there are patches that effect gameplay.

As always, Madden School eBook delivery is instant!  Immediately after checkout you will see the eBook in your account.

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  1. Do your e books work on Android tablets?

    1. Yes they work on any PC, MAC, laptop, tablet, phone. Essentially anything with an internet connection.

  2. Do you accept pay pal. Is the madden school gping to improve my game 100 percent

    1. Yes we do accept PayPal and all major credit cards. We do our best to help as we can and our customers really seem to enjoy our products. Madden School will help you get better no doubt about that.

  3. Are these ebook finished seeing game only been out couple days or are yall going update

    1. This eBook is completed. We will continue to provide updates to the ebook.

      1. Looking to buy a KC PLAYBOOK….!!!!!!! ASAP

      2. I bought the year and don’t have it yet

      3. How long have you guys been around? I think I remember buying an ebook from you guys before for defense back in the PS2 madden days. Do I get a book if I buy? I noticed you sell the defense play book ebook for $50 a yr . But I can get both defense and offense for $50 a yr and it covers alot of teams play books???

        1. Hey Bryan, yes we go all the way back to the good old PS2 days. It’s been 9 years so far and we are hoping for many more. All of our eBooks are priced at $24.99 each. Our Madden School Unlimited product which gives you all of our ebooks for the entire year is $59.99 but you can get it down to $47.99 with the coupon code, “LOYALTY”

          If you have any other questions, let me know

  4. How were you able to make a madden16 guide when the game hasn’t come out yet?

  5. Does these guides work for ps3 or are there any guides for Ps3

    1. Sorry our guides are designed to work only on PS4 and XBOX One.

  6. Do you guys have a pdf version available yet? Either offense defense or both book?

  7. Does this ebook cover running schemes or is it mostly passing?

    1. It is balanced so both running and passing plays.

  8. Just got my ebook ready to dominate Thx fellas been on madden school for years now

    1. Thank you for supporting us every year Shub850!

  9. This ebook is awesome 11-3 so far

    1. I am glad it is working out well for you. Thanks for the feedback Starborn007!