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Madden 16 New England Offense eBook

The Madden 16 New England Offense eBook for XBOX One and PlayStation 4 is now available!  It features 34 plays out of 7 formations and includes some of the hardest schemes to stop in Madden NFL 16.  Each play comes with a full HD video and a detailed written breakdown.

The New England Offense eBook is only $24.99 and you get instant access!


As is our tradition, here is a look at the first play from the Madden 16 New England Offense eBook.

The formations included in this ebook are:

  • Gun Split Close Patriot
  • Gun Pats Wing Trips
  • Gun Empty Ace Patriot
  • Gun Doubles
  • I-Form Tight Pair
  • Singleback Ace Overload
  • Singleback Tight Slots

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  1. Any of these books good for xbox360?

    1. No, they are only supposed to work on PlayStation 4 and XBOX One

  2. How many plays been broken down and which formations did y’all break down?

    1. It currently has 34 plays out of 7 formations.

  3. i just want the pats ebook.i dont want the unlimited

    1. It will likely be available for purchase in 10 days. Unlimited members get everything first.

  4. Okay y’all broken down the pats gun split close….what is the other formation that got broken down????

  5. How do I purchase the NE ebook? Will it be updated throughout the year?

    1. Yes we are currently in the process of upgrading it to a full eBook. The only way right now to get access to it right now is via our Madden School Unlimited membership which can be purchased here:

  6. Which e book is better in your opinion this one or the offense domination one

    1. If I had to choose one and only one, I’d choose the New England ebook right now.

  7. I’m a new subscriber trying to improve my game. How do I access the ebooks? It seems like I have to purchase them individually

  8. damn you tips are great but too damn expensive IMO 🙁 but thank you for all the work you guys do. Loving the saints tips..if you guys had a saints O ebook i’d pay 50 for it LOL. Thanks gang.