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Madden 16 Cover 3 Beater: Gun Bunch TE – PA All Cross

In Madden 16 most people’s favorite zone defense is a standard cover 3.  A lot of people will sit in a cover 3 all game.  In this tip, SnA Exclusive is going over one way he uses to absolutely destroy cover 3 defense.

You can check out the full play, setup, and reads below.

Madden 16 Money Play: Gun Bunch TE - PA All Cross

Playbook: Indianapolis Colts

Formation: Gun Bunch TE

Play: PA All Cross


  1. Put your Y/triangle WR on a fade route
  2. Re-block the RB
  3. Motion your B/circle WR to the left


  1. Wait for the Y/triangle receiver to clear out CB/FS
  2. Hit the X/square receiver on the skinny post underneath
  3. If MLB gets too deep (to pick it off) hit the slant underneath

Overview: Cover 3 concepts have been the most popular defensive concepts in Madden for the past 3 years. This play allows you to max protect and send 3 WR’s out and absolutely destroy any cover 3 that your opponent wants to run.

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Let’s take a look at how this play should work in more detail.

PA All Cross #1

This is how the play should look before the snap.  Remember to block you running back and motion the B/circle receiver to the left.

PA All Cross #2

This screenshot shows that both the safety and the cornerback are going with our receiver on the fade route which will allow our receiver on the skinny post route to get wide open.

PA All Cross #3

When our quarterback releases the ball, you can see how much open room our receiver has.  He is wide open.

Madden 16 Cover 3 Beater: PA All Cross

We catch the pass with no one around us and walk in for an easy touchdown.

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8 years ago

Cool play. Funny thing is I put that in my custom playboy and I can’t get it to show up when I play. Kinda nutty. So I run it out of TE Bunch.

8 years ago

Oops playbook. Lol

8 years ago

Lol playboy

8 years ago

With the play out of the bunch te if you do the EXACT setup but curl the te, it holds the safety and the post becomesWIDE OPEN for a td against that pesky quarters cover 4 drop . Good play to light up cover 3 and 4

8 years ago

Bout to play some madden