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Madden 16 New England Offense eBook Members Area

Thank you for purchasing the Madden 16 New England Offense eBook for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  The eBook will be viewable directly on our website.  This eBook is based out of the New England Patriots offensive playbook but many of the plays can be found in other playbooks as well.

Keep in mind this ebook is not supposed to act as an official strategy guide.  It is just a collection of tips from our team of professional madden gamers organized in a way that is easy to understand.

Dive Right Into The New England Offense eBook

Or pick and choose the formations that you are interested in seeing.  We recommend the first 3 formations.

Formation #1: Gun Split Close Patriot

Formation #2: Gun Pats Wing Trips

Formation #3: Gun Empty Ace Patriot

Formation #4: Gun Doubles

Formation #5: I-Form Tight Pair

Formation #6: Singleback Ace Overload

Formation #7: Singleback Tight Slots


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  1. Ok Fresh for Friday lol… About to lab now

  2. Thank you.. About to go get

  3. Awesome stuff! I am rocking the Pats playbook already so this is perfect. Love their PB.

  4. Do you find these more effective than the Titans ebook?

    1. I think this one is a little easier to master. They can both be very effective though.

      1. Man your awesome labbed this up. Going to let you know how it works. I’m 13-3 with Titans pb now adding this going to be crazyyyyy

        1. I am so glad it is working well for you. It is always nice to hear when we can help improve someone’s game.

  5. The pats wing trips used to be my favorite formation thank y’all for bring it back in my life …grade a stuff here I need to lab the spilt close more but I’m sure it just as fire

  6. Wow, that HB Wheel play is awesome! Great work — love the e-book.

    1. Glad you are enjoying it man.

  7. 1st year unlimited customer and I must say “2 THUMBS UP” just when I was putting the finishing touches on the TENN book I login only to see this lol… now I need to compare to the books to see what I can get the most out of

    1. Really glad you like it. Let me know if you have any questions!

  8. Just played 3 games online running nothing but HB Wheel, X Drag Trail, Mesh, and the occasional HB Screen out of this e-book plus the I-formation FB Dive & HB Toss that were in the Tennessee e-book but also in Pats playbook. Touchdowns on every drive!

    1. Fantastic! Thanks for reporting back!

      1. I have been using the Titans pb, and avg 175 rushing yards per game. In the pats pb, can you recommend any other really good running plays like in the Titans pb?

        1. This one focuses mostly on the pass. We’ll try to get into some runs with an update.