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Madden 16 Money Run: Singleback Ace HB Off Tackle

When you first start off in Madden NFL 16, you will need to know a few consistent running plays.  This play is in the Singleback Ace formation and it is the type of running play that you can use until your opponent stops you.

Check out the full breakdown below.

Madden 16 Tips: Singleback Ace - HB Off Tackle

Playbook: Kansas City Chiefs (And many others)

Formation: Singleback Ace

Play: HB Off Tackle


  1. (Optional) Flip the play to make the run go to the other side

Overview: This is an incredibly easy to execute tip.  There are no fancy adjustments and there isn’t anything special you need to do other than count defenders.

Let’s look at how this dominant Madden 16 run play works in a little more detail.

Madden 16 HB Off Tackle Screenshot #1

All we have to do before the snap is see which side of the formation to run to.  An easy way to do that is to just count how many defenders are on each side and run to whichever side has the fewest defenders.  In this situation, we decide to run the ball to the left.

HB Off Tackle Screenshot #2

You can see how big the running lane is immediately after we snap the ball.  Just hit the hole as quickly as you can.

HB Off Tackle #3

We are 5 yards upfield and still no one is even around around running back.  We’ll go on to to gain about 10-15 yards on this play.

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8 years ago

What is the name of this play in the custom playbook? Thanks.

8 years ago

this formation does not exist at all .