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Madden 16: Gun Flip Trips Eagle – Eagles Verticals

Cover 3 defense is one of the most common defenses called in Madden NFL 16.  In this Madden 16 video tip, we are going over a way to beat cover 3 defenses whether it is a cover 3 behind a blitz or a base cover 3.

If you do this play correctly, your opponent will constantly have to worry about stopping it for the entire game.

Madden 16 Cover 3 Beater: Gun Flip Trips Eagle - Eagles Verticals

Playbook: Philadelphia Eagles

Formation: Gun Flip Trips Eagle

Play: Eagles Verticals


  1. Hot route your B/circle receiver to a streak route
  2. (Optional) Hot route your running back to block


  1. Your primary read is your A/X receiver on the wheel route
  2. If he is covered, you can look to your tight end on the crossing route
  3. The X/square receiver on the drag route is a really good bail out option if everything else is covered

Overview: This play does a good job of beating cover 3 defenses and can often lead to a touchdown.  If you are playing someone who calls cover 3 or cover 3 blitzes a lot.  Mix this play in.  Be aware that this won’t work against someone who users the deep safety and has decent stick skills.

Let’s go over it in a little more detail.

Gun Flip Trips Eagle - Eagles Verticals Screenshot 2015-08-18 13-33-00

First, we read the defense pre-snap.  It looks like the defense could be in a cover 3 based on the position of the cornerbacks and safeties.

Gun Flip Trips Eagle - Eagles Verticals Screenshot 2015-08-18 13-33-56

We snap the ball and if we see cover 3 defense, we immediately look to the deep safety.

Gun Flip Trips Eagle - Eagles Verticals Screenshot 2015-08-18 13-34-42

You can see that the safety takes a few steps to the left in order to stay in front of the crossing route.  That is exactly what we wanted to happen.

Gun Flip Trips Eagle - Eagles Verticals Screenshot 2015-08-18 13-35-16

We can then bullet pass to our receiver on the wheel route.  Make sure to lead pass to the inside.  You will sometimes have room to run after you make the catch.

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Madden 16 Offensive Domination Guide

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8 years ago

Can u please do schemes out of KC PLAYBOOK…. ???????