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Madden 15 Gun Tight Flex: Falcon Wheel – How To Beat Man To Man Defense

As we progress into the Madden 15 season, we are finding that plenty of people still love to either call a Cover 2 man defense or a man to man blitz.  Regardless of whether you play Madden 15 Ultimate Team, in an online franchise, head to head, or in tournaments, you are bound to see plenty of man defense.

So in this free Madden 15 tip, we are going over a way that you can beat it pretty easily with a simple play out of the Gun Tight Flex formation.

Madden 15 Man Beater Guide: Gun Tight Flex - Falcon Wheel

Playbook: Atlanta Falcons

Formation: Gun Tight Flex

Play: Falcon Wheel

Setup #1:

  1. Put your X/square wide receiver on an in route
  2. (Optional) Block your running back

Setup #2:

  1. Hot route your running back to a streak
  2. Motion your running back to the left
  3. Change your running backs hot route to a drag


  1. We are always going to look first to your Y/triangle receiver.  If he is open, fire it in there
  2. The B/circle receiver should also usually be open over the middle as well

Overview: This play absolutely destroys man to man press coverage defense if you do it right.  The Y/triangle receiver won’t be open 100% of the time but it will happen fairly often.

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