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Madden 15 Run Stopper Defense: 46 Bear Cover 3 Drop

Stopping the run in Madden 15 is something that separates the elite Madden players from the good ones.  In today’s free Madden NFL 15 defensive tip, SnA Exclusive is going over one of his favorite ways of clogging up the running lanes.

This defense is primarily used for stopping outside runs like HB Stretch or Toss plays.

Check out the full video breakdown below.

Madden 15 Run Stopper Defense: 46 Bear Cover 3 Drop

Playbook: 46

Formation: 46 Bear (Flipped)

Play: Cover 3 Drop


  1. Base Align
  2. Show Blitz

Overview:  This run D is great for stopping outside runs, especially Stretch plays, Toss plays, and Buck Sweeps as well as Power runs. It utilizes a 7 man front that is balanced across the line of scrimmage, with the Center and both guards being occupied and placing a linebacker outside of each offensive tackle to seal the edge.

This run defense formation works best if you have your highest rated block shedding players at LE and ROLB. For this video I have Haloti Ngata and Pernell McPhee there, respectively. I also replace the MLB with Terrell Suggs, who is faster, stronger and has better block shedding than Daryl Smith. At LOLB, it also helps to have someone fast and with good block shedding, but I prioritize speed over block shedding. In the middle, just load it up with strong guys with block shedding.


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9 years ago

How do get this on mut

Patrick Griffith
Patrick Griffith
8 years ago

If you lined up like that against me, I’m gonna audible whatever pass I can, and hot route somebody on a streak or fade and toss it to him quick for at least 20 yards.