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Madden 15 Money Play: Singleback Tight Flex – PA Waggle

We are continuing on with providing a few Madden 15 money plays and tips so that when you pick up your game next week, you have a few plays that you can go to that you know will get you a first down when you need it.

Keep in mind that most of the plays that worked last year no longer work so you will need some fresh new material in order to move the ball downfield in Madden NFL 15.  Here is a play that can help you do that.

Madden 15 Money Play: Singleback Tight Flex - PA Waggle

Playbook: Green Bay Packers

Formation: Singleback Tight Flex

Play: PA Waggle


  1. None required
  2. (Optional) You can hot route your running back to whatever you want


  1. Your first look is your tight end in the flat. If he is open, throw it to him
  2. If he is covered, immediately look to your Y/triangle receiver coming across the middle

Overview: This is a great play to call on 1st and 10. You should be able to pick up anywhere from 8-20 yards with this simple money play.


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