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4 Man Pressure Defense in Madden 15: Dime Normal – Fox FZ Zone

Getting pressure while sending only rushing 4 guys is pretty uncommon in Madden NFL 15.  In today’s free Madden NFL 15 defensive tip SnA Exclusive is going one way to do just that.

You will only want to call this blitz when you are pretty sure your opponent is passing.  In general the Dime Normal formation is not very good at stopping the run.

Madden 15 4 Man Blitz For 3rd and Long: Dime Normal - Fox FZ Press

Formation: Dime Normal

Play: Fox FZ Zone


  1. Base Align
  2. Crash Defensive Line Down
  3. Put the RE (left on screen) into a hook zone
  4. Put the DT#2 (left on screen) into a QB Spy

Overview: This play creates a simple overload on the right side, sending 4 blitzers at 3 offensive lineman. It is recommended for 3rd down and long situations and in general against players who like to send 5 people out on routes and who like to throw deep.

For more nano blitzes and run stoppers, check out our Free Madden 15 Defensive Tips section.


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9 years ago

I run the dallas defence in madden 15. Could you please send me a play that stops the counter. Every thing I look up up is the 3 4 solid play. Want a different look. Thx

9 years ago
Reply to  Rick

I run dallas’s defense also, to stop counters I normally press the left trigger then the right button. It’s a qb contain, but it also stops counters. At worst it’ll slow them down. Also, who are you usering when you thing the counter is coming?

9 years ago

Base play already has the RDE dropping into a hook zone which changed when you crashed the line down. During your audio breakdown of the play, you stated that it really doesn’t matter if crash the line; so question is, if you don’t crash the line down and just put RDT into a QB spy, will the blitz still come in?