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Gun Tight Offset TE – Y Out HB Swing

Today we are focusing on a play out of the Gun Tight Offset TE formation called Y Out HB Swing.  Man to man defense is getting a little more common in Madden 16 so it is good to have a few ways to beat it.

If we do this play right we should get 3 wide receivers open.

Madden 16: Y Out HB Swing Money Play

Playbook: New Orleans Saints

Formation: Gun Tight Offset TE

Play: Y Out HB Swing


  1. Put the B/Circle receiver on a slant route


  1. The first read is the X/Square receiver on the drag route.
  2. Next, the Y/Triangle receiver on the post corner route.
  3. After that progress to the A/X receiver, and the B/Circle receiver on the slant route.
  4. Lastly, if all else fails look to the running back on the check down.

Overview: This play is effective against man coverage. There is just simply to many routes that torch  man coverage for someone to user this play. Therefore, if they are in man coverage you will be able to get a big gain especially if your opponent sends a blitz while in man coverage.

Madden School Unlimited

Let’s take a look at this play in more detail.

Y Out HB Swing #1

This is how the play looks before the snap.  We are expecting man to man defense.

Y Out HB Swing #2

You can see that we have at least 3 receivers that look like they will get open.

Madden 16 Y Out HB Swing

We decide to throw to the receiver that is running the corner route and pick up 20 yards.

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