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3 Man Defense Beaters in Madden 16

Beating man coverage is essential to moving the ball on offense in Madden 16. Of course, one of the primary ways to beat man coverage is to run the ball.

However, in those 3rd down situations you need plays and formations that can beat man coverage with consistency and that’s exactly what this formation and these plays do.

Madden 16 Man Beaters: Gun Y Trips HB Wk

Playbook: Baltimore Ravens

Formation: Gun Y-Trips HB Wk


  1. Slot Drive
  2. Four Verticals
  3. PA Slot Out


I like to have my fastest WR in the slot and two guys on the outside who have good catching or catch in traffic ratings. Basically put your 2 best WR’s on the outside and your fastest guy in the slot.


Slot Drive

  • None

Four Verticals

  • Hot route Slot WR to a drag route

PA Slot out

  • Cancel the Play Action

Post-snap reads:

Slot Drive

– Slot –> X/square –> Tight End –> Running back

Four Verticals

– Slot –> TE –> Running back

PA Slot Out

– Slot –> TE

Overview:   On any of these plays, feel free to hot route your running back or other WR’s to different routes to compliment the man-beaters that are already in place.

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