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Madden 16: Big Nickel Strong – Zone Blitz Show 6

It is extremely important to be able to bring pressure from the right side of the field, left side of the field, and both at the same time.  In today’s free Madden 16 tip video, SnA Exclusive goes over a way you can use to do all of those things.

You can view the full breakdown below.

Madden 16 Double Edge Heat: Big Nickel Strong - Zone Blitz Show 6

Playbook: Multiple D

Formation: Big Nickel Strong

Play: Zone Blitz Show 6

Setup For Left Edge Pressure:

  1. Base align
  2. (Optional) Shift your linebackers right
  3. (Optional) Crash DL down
  4. (Optional) QB contain
  5. Fake Blitz a linebacker over the center

Setup For Right Edge Pressure/Double Edge Pressure

  1. Base align
  2. Shift your linebackers right
  3. Blitz the LOLB (on the right side of the screen)
  4. Crash DL down
  5. (Optional) QB contain
  6. fake blitz the ROLB over the center

Overview: This is a concept that’s been around in Madden for years now but still works in Madden 16. You’re creating a symmetrical look that can bring pressure from whatever side you want, or both sides.

Use this blitz when the opposing team is blocking a RB and trying to take shots down the field on you.

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The screenshots below show how to bring pressure from the left side of the screen using the first setup without the optional steps.

Zone Blitz Show 6 #1

This is how the play looks pre-snap.

Zone Blitz Show 6 #2

You can see pretty much right away that our blitzing cornerback is coming in unblocked.

Madden 16: Zone Blitz Show 6

The play ends in a sack and an 8 yard loss for the offense.

If you’d like more dominant blitzes for Madden 16 just like the one we just covered, check out our Madden 16 Advanced Defensive eBook or get all of our ebooks with Madden School Unlimited.

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  1. Im new to the ps4 system and cant seem to figure out how to base align. Can someone help me out?

  2. Triangle and then right on the D pad would base align for you.

  3. Do you guys know if big nickel strong is in any other playbooks besides multiple D? If not, is there to generate the same look out of a different formation?

  4. I want the 44 zone blitz flip setup

  5. Can you make a video on the nickel nascar formation.

  6. Are you using the ps 4?? Can’t find the big nickel strong zone blitz show 6 in any playbook!! Do the systems have different plays in their playbooks??

  7. How do u bat down a pass instead of intercepting it ?