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Free Tips Tuesday Episode #6 – Beating All Defensive Coverages

One of the questions we receive the most here at Madden-School is, “How can I beat a ______ defense?”  In today’s Free  Tips Tuesday Episode we are going to dig into our archives to find some of the best ways to beat each of the most common defenses in Madden NFL 13.

First we will start with the cover 2 zone.  Traditionally you will be looking at 2 safeties deep, linebackers in the middle of the field, and cornerbacks in the flats.  We go over a great way to beat that coverage below.

Beating The Cover 2 Defense in Madden

The other common zone defense you will encounter is a cover 3.   In a typical cover 3 defense both cornerbacks and 1 safety split the deep part of the field into thirds while the other safety and the middle linebacker patrol the shallow middle with the outside linebackers heading to flat zones.  Check out the link below for an effective way to beat that defense.

Beating The Cover 3 Defense in Madden

Finally, the most popular coverage in this year’s game is the 2 man under defense.  This defense is probably the easiest to understand where everyone is assigned a man to cover with both safeties in deep coverage.  We go over how to beat that coverage below.

Beating the 2 Man Under Defense in Madden

If you are enjoying our free Madden NFL 13 tips make sure to check out our Madden eBooks to take your game to the next level.

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11 years ago

how come u don’t go over beating a cover four or a cover3 when the defensive ends are dropped into purple zones or deep blue zones because that is what i’m seeing from experienced madden 13 players

11 years ago

Good ebook on defense hope the offensive ebook be the same.

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