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Free Tips Tuesday Episode #7 – Madden 13 Blitzes For The Sim Gamer

Most of the stuff you see on caters to a style of gaming commonly referred to as “Freestyle” which basically means that you will do anything outside of blatant cheating to win a game.  However, there is another group of gamers that are rapidly expanding their reach in Madden 13.  The way they played is called “Sim” which just means that they attempt to play the game the way it is seen on Sundays.  We have tons of sim leagues on Madden School, and there are just as many sim communities at websites like VG Strategy.

Simply put, sim gamers aren’t going anywhere and it is time for us to start including sim strategies in our Madden tips section.  In today’s free tips tuesday episode, we will be taking you inside of the mind of our resident football genius Baller7345 where he will be sharing his entire arsenal of sim blitzes.

Madden 13 Blitzes For The Sim Player

Let us know what you think in the comments section below and make sure to leave your ideas for next year’s game on our Madden 14 Wishlist.

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  1. You confused “Sim” with “Football”, and “Freestyle” with both “Cheating” and “Incapable”. There is nothing that isn’t exploiting in the “freestyle” version of play. Exploiting is synonymous with cheating. Oh and incapable is included because I know that every “freestyle” player I’ve ever come across wouldn’t be able to put up 3 if they were forced to use real schemes.

    Can’t wait until they figure out how to squash your kind.

  2. No doubt! Sick and tired of cheaters!!! If u have to.cheat to win whats the point? Doesnt mean your any good just means you hate to lose and will do.anything necessary to prevent it!!

  3. Everyone above sucks at Madden and are haters. If they were winning, they’d have nothing to say.