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Beating Cover 3 Defense in Madden NFL 13

The most common base defense in Madden 13 is cover 3 (In madden terms that means 3 players in deep blue zones).  Today we are going to go over a very basic way of beating that defense with a curl route and a flat route.  It isn’t so much a money play as it is a concept that works in any Madden NFL game.  This route combo can be found at least 10 different formations in every playbook.

Beating Cover 3 in Madden 13
Let us know in the comments section what other Madden 13 tips you would like to see as well as any other concepts that you have had success with beating cover 3.

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  1. I would like to see a tip on how to stop speedy wide receivers like Desean Jackson from beating every coverage I throw at him or Michael Vick scrambling when I have him covered

    1. to stopVICK use nickel def 2man under manual double wideouts blitz corners put de in flat coverage manually change def left tackle to fastest olb send to deep middle coverage then press wideouts vick should roll right into blitz or throw int to olb

      1. Thats too much defensive hot routing. Hopefully you have a 80+ de. Spy him. Then go check Jackson yourself with a safety. Blitz too but don’t give up the deep pass

    2. To stop vick There are a few Different things you can try:

      1. Cornerback blitz. Players will often rollout right into these
      2. Qb contain your defensive ends or send them to the flats.
      3. Qb spy a fast lb or de.
      4. Qb spy your whole d line.
      5. Outside blitzs, ie from nickle/ dime a blitz that brings the nickle corner.
      6. Just blitz whatever side he always rolls to. I like to take a defender out of position on the opposite side of the blitz so the other player is looking at my guy and not paying attention to where the blitz is coming.

  2. Try streaks too and hit the outside receivers too the outside…it’s beautiful

  3. does anyone know how to stop the play where two tigt ends streak its unstoppable i need help plesesesesess

    1. cover one back off cornes manual both def tacles in to middle zone watch for draw and outside curls

  4. How do you lock down their tightend if they throw it to him all the time!