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Beating Cover 2 Defense in Madden 13

Another common defense that you will encounter in Madden 13 is the cover 2.  A cover 2 defense has both safeties in deep (blue) zones.  In today’s tip we are going over a simple way of beating this defense for 20-30 yard gains every time.  The concept is simple, just call a play with 2 wide receivers on one side of the field and hot route them both to streak routes.  We explain it in detail in the video below.

Beating Cover 2 Defense in Madden 13
The key to making this play work is lead passing away from the safeties.  If you have any questions regarding this concept, leave them in the comments section.

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  1. you dont get time like that playing against any user

    1. You won;t have that kind of time and if you do it will be in a long down situation but even then the defense will likely play cover 3/4.
      Only works if you are setting it up with short passes.

  2. You need to be more specific. This won’t work against MAN cover 2 right? Just Cover 2 ZONE.

  3. Also, can you tell me how to lead pass on ps3?

  4. Yeah that looks like a zone which is much different than man

  5. Yeah I was thinking the same thing….most users will not use this in zone…is this effective with man cover 2?

  6. My friend always runs the same play. it is z spot. i have gone thru multiple sets to try and stop it and i cant find anything that can. could i get some help on how to stop that?

    1. I would run a 2 man under and put my defensive end thats on the strong side in a purple zone. thats how i beat z spot. you will have man coverage and a second defender there. You may want to spread your line as well. Hop this worked for you. If not we can lab.

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      GT: SkinsNat1on10

  7. how do i lead pass on madden 13 ps3

  8. How do I access the e book. I just bought it and all I am seeing is madden tips?

    1. The ebook link should be emailed to your immediately after purchase. Make sure to check your spam folder. If it still isn’t there, get into contact with us via the contact form and we’ll make it right.