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Easy Madden NFL 16 Zone Defense Beater

Lots of people refuse to get out of zone defense in Madden 16.  If you find yourself playing someone like that, you need a collection of plays that you can use to beat zones.

Here is one play you can use that does a good job of beating any zone defense or zone blitz.

Destroy Any Zone Defense in Madden 16 With This Easy Tip

Playbook: Miami Dolphins

Formation: Gun Doubles Wing Offset

Play: Mtn Dbl Screen

Setup: None Required


  1. Against any zone defense, just throw the ball to your running back.  You only want to call this play if you are pretty sure the defense is in some sort of zone or zone blitz.

Overview:  This is a great play to throw in any time you are playing someone who sits in a zone defense the entire game and users a deep safety.

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Let’s take a look at why this play does such a good job of destroying zone coverage in Madden 16.

Madden 16 MTN Dbl Screen #1

This is how everything should look right before you snap the ball.

Madden 16 MTN Dbl Screen #2

Right away, we can see that our blocks are setting up well and when we go to throw the ball to our running back, we can see that if our blocks hold up well, the only guy we will have to beat is the deep safety.

Madden 16 MTN Dbl Screen #3

We make the catch and you can see we have plenty of room to work with.

Madden 16 MTN Dbl Screen #4

All we have to do is make the safety miss.  We’ll hit him with a juke move.

Madden 16 MTN Dbl Screen #5

By the time we finally get dragged down, we have a gain of over 40 yards.

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  1. Great great tip. Definitely will be adding this play to the playbook asap. Especially once everyone starts learning those nano blitzes,this play is gon be a serious problem lol. Keep em coming @madden school

  2. Great zone beat. Who’s great idea to use same button on rac as dive button also. Very smart morons

  3. Thanks for the tip. Also I hope you guys do the $10 mini schemes again this year!

    1. We do plan on doing at least a few of those this year. Thanks for your support!

      1. How come I can’t find this formation when I am creating a custom playbook?

        1. Because the formation names are sometimes different in custom playbooks

  4. That play isn’t available, I’m editing my custom playbook and in the All Plays section, that set out of the Shotgun is not available and I can’t find that play in any of the other Wing Deep Offset formation

    1. The play is found in the Miami Dolphins playbook. All plays in the game can be found in custom playbooks they are just sometimes under different names.

  5. look in shotgun normal deep offset for this play if trying to use for a custom playbook

  6. best play to stop this play?