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Madden 16 New England Defense eBook

The Madden 16 New England Defense eBook for XBOX One and PlayStation 4 available now!  All of the plays in this eBook are specifically designed to work after the latest patch.  It includes some of the most effective defenses in the game.

Don’t just take our word for it though, check out a video taken straight from our Madden 16 New England Defense eBook:

Each play in the ebook comes with a written breakdown as well as a full HD video.

Here are the formations broken down in the Madden 16 New England Defense eBook:

  • Nickel 3-3-5 Odd
  • 3-4 Odd
  • 4-3 Over
  • 3-4 Under
  • Other Good Plays

The New England Defense eBook is only $24.99. Get yours and start dominating today!

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  1. Hey, in your Advance Defense book you have the 3-4 Bear base Defense. Which formation would you recommend as your base from this?

    1. There isn’t really one defense that is better than any of the others from this ebook.

  2. I was wondering do I have to wait for a live version of the ebook or do I do something else? Pls help

  3. So once I purchase an Ebook were do I got to access it

  4. You never replied to my question will these plays run on 360 Xbox

    1. Some will work but they aren’t designed for past gen systems like the PS3 or XBOX 360.

  5. Hi,
    I am relatively new to making defensive adjustments, but I know a little bit. Does this ebook explain which buttons to press for making adjustments>

    1. It does not go over those things specifically but we provide excellent support with our ebooks so whatever questions you have, we are always just a comment or email away.

  6. Hey I feel really dumb , I’m new to this and I just bought ur patriots defense e book and I don’t know how to look at it

  7. When will an ebook be released for the 2/23 patch? Cheers.

  8. Yes which one of your defensive E books is after the patch?

    1. The New England Defense ebook is designed to work fully with the latest patch.