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3-4 Even: Strike OLB 2 – Edge Heat In Madden 25

madden 25 edge pressure

In today’s free Madden 25 tip, we will be going over a nice blitz out of the 3-4 playbook that brings pressure off the edge. Most of you already have heard that our Madden 25 Defensive Lockdown eBook came out yesterday.  This is another play you can mix in with the ebook for even more success.

The full breakdown is below.

Bringing Edge Heat in Madden 25: 3-4 Even - Strike OLB 2

: 3-4

Formation: 3-4 Even

Play: Strike OLB 2


  1. Shift the Dline to the right
  2. Crash the Dline out
  3. Reblitz the LE (on the right side of the screen)

Madden School Pro Tip: Mix this play in with the A-gap heat and your favorite coverage play for best results.
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  1. my email that i provided at the time i purchased the defensive ebook from you all was deactivated and i didnt know that at the time. i have all my credit card info and date of purchase is there a way to get the ebook sent to my current email?

  2. I find myself and a bunch of other online opponets using the eagles playbook so I was wondering if you could show us a money play on offense and defense out of the eagles playbook it would be really helpful to my madden 25 gaming expierence

  3. Im having problems stopping running plays up the middle being bounced outside. Especially when playing The Seahawks.

  4. You can always use 2 useful plays on offense to match others , for instance .. U can use a shotgun play called WR corners or Corner strike and throw the ball to an outside receiver as soon as the split to the sideline ( if there in zone u have to lob it ) and man defense you should be able to use a bullet pass to complete the catch.

  5. I need to know how to stop the inside run!! They keep calling an
    off tackle or a sweep and then cut back into the middle and getting 7,8 yards a run.