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46 Defense eBook For XBOX One and PS4

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The 46 Defensive eBook for PS4 and XBOX One is now available.   It focuses on coverage plays that do a good job of slowing down the run as well, but we also have plenty of very quick nano blitzes.

Here is one of the plays found inside the 46 Defense eBook:

Madden School 46 eBook Preview For PS4 and XBOX One

Play: Buzz Weak 3


  1. Base Align
  2. Shift Dline to the left
  3. Reblitz all linebackers (RB/R1 + Down on right stick)
  4. Hot route both DT’s to yellow zones or a yellow zone and a qb spy
  5. Control the SS and user defend the right side of the field

In the 46 Defense eBook, we will teach you schemes from the following formations:

  • 46 Normal (We dive really deep into this formation)
  • 46 Bear
  • 46 Bear Under
  • 3-4 Solid

And we also briefly touch on a play or 2 in these formations as well:

  • Dime Normal
  • Dime Flat
  • Quarters 3 Deep

The 46 Defense eBook is only $24.99.  If you are struggling with defense in Madden 25 on the PlayStation 4 or XBOX One, the 46 eBook will definitely help you out.


Instant Access! Only $24.99!

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  1. 46 Ebook concept looks interesting. I purchased the 43 ebook for current gen consoles in sept and it was great. Is the 43 playbook blitzes still valid on next gen consoles? Any thought on giving a discount to those current gen ebook owners who want to upgrade to next gen ebooks?

    1. Most of the concepts on defense won’t translate all that well from current gen to next gen since the offensive line blocks completely differently. Unfortunately, right now we don’t have any plans to offer discounts on our next gen ebooks

      1. Thanks for getting back to me. After playing without your ebook for two weeks on next gen I win about 50 percent of my games. I was winning 75 percent with your ebook on current gen. I will purchase the defensive ebook tonight. The one thing that would be great to have would be a 1 page summary print out ofthe ebook to reference while I play. Right now I copy and paste screen captures into powerpoint and then print.

  2. After some payment issues that turned out to be my fault, I finally got this book. It has some great plays in it, and I’m doing great on defense now. Unless you like getting gouged by outside runs and burned up by the passing game, I highly recommend this book.

  3. When will the next ebooks for offense and defense come out?

    1. No exact date is set yet. It really just depends on when we find something that meets our high ebook standards.

  4. My OS is linux. Does your ebook comes in a pdf format?

    1. It is both viewable online as well as via a .pdf upon request.

  5. can you upload some videos of you using the 46 defense on next gen like you did for the power run e-book it would be nice to see the defense in action online. BTW love the ebook

  6. I purchased both this book and the power run ebook and I must say that I recommend both purchases. This defensive ebook is great and has lead to many people messaging me after games saying they couldn’t figure out how to attack it. Really increased my games won percentage. By chance could you send both to me as a pdf?

  7. Hey I have already purchased the off domination, and defensive e books for older gen. Have also recommended to friends. I am very interested in getting the offensive and defensive play books for the next gen my only question is can any team run the 46 def for this? Or do you have a designated top 5 teams for the playbooks like 46. Feel free to respond to my email. Thanks

    1. thats the same thing I’m thinking can i run the 46 wit my eagles

  8. do this ebook have good plays 4 the run n pass

  9. do this ebook have good plays 4 the run n pass , is d hard 2 setup

    1. The plays arent hard to set up, usually around 3 or 4 steps. You can run it with any team.

  10. Do you have anything with turbo blitz in you ebook ?

    1. While this ebook does contain some very effective and fast bltizes, we don’t have any special way of doing a “turbo blitz”