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Madden 25 Defensive Lockdown eBook

Madden 25 defensive lockdown ebook

The Defensive Lockdown eBook for Madden 25 is now available.  It is based out of the 3-4 defensive playbook and covers 5 formations and 30 plays.  It features pressure from both sides, a gap nanos and all sorts of coverage plays.

Here is an example play out of the 3-4 Even formation.

Madden 25 Defensive Lockdown eBook Sample Play - 3-4 Even: MLB Cross Fire 3

Formation: 3-4 Even

Play: MLB Cross Fire 3


  1. Shift the Dline to the left
  2. Hot route the LE (on the right side of the screen) to a QB Spy
  3. Adjust the zones behind it as you see fit

The Madden 25 Defensive Lockdown eBook currently features the following formations:

  1. 3-4 Over
  2. 3-4 Solid
  3. Nickel 2-4-5
  4. Nickel 1-5-5
  5. Quarters 3 Deep

As with all of our ebooks we will add updates and more formations throughout the year.

Purchase the Madden 25 Defensive Lockdown eBook out of the 3-4 playbook for only $24.99 and start dominating today.


Only $24.99! Instant Access!

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    1. We want to keep the plays in this ebook for customers only but we will show some other plays out of the playbook so you get an idea of what to expect.

  1. Does the ebook have any plays from the Dolphins playbook?

  2. Do u need to be a member to view this ebook? Also does this video come in a PDF format?

    1. You don’t need to be a member to view the ebook. When you buy an ebook you are presented with the chance to register your ebook with a username and password of your choice. You can also request via email a .pdf version of any ebook you purchase, just make sure to include a transaction id or receipt number with that email

      1. Are we purchasing ebooks for the year or month? Or is it a 24.99 one time only?

        1. All ebooks are a one time purchase.

  3. Hey guys a couple days a ago I bought your e-book for the 34 formation and I don’t seem to get any of the formations on the 3-4 The only formations i’m getting is 4-3 formations can you guys help me fix this problem please I will greatly appreciate it

    1. You must have mistakenly purchased our 4-3 Ultimate Defensive eBook. Just send an email to and explain the situation and they’ll get it all sorted out for you

  4. I am very capable of doing difficult setups. With that, in your opinion which ebook has the greater upside?

    1. It really just depends more on whether you use a 3-4 defense or a 4-3 defense. They are both good ebooks. The defensive lockdown (3-4) one does require a few more steps in some of the setups than the Ultimate defensive ebook (4-3)

  5. Question, what do you do when most of the plays in your guides are 43 or 46 based and your opponent primarily comes out in a 3WR set? Since we can no longer audible down fron a qrt, dime, or nickle defense into a 34, 43, or 46, then we shouldn’t run man vs these sets. So basically, the majority of your material only applies to a traditional 2RB, 2WR, 1TE set, unless you run zone all game in the base 34, or 43 formation. Is that a correct assessment?

    1. We usually have a few nickel formations and other sub packages in our ebooks for just that reason

  6. Hey I notice that you mentioned nanos on both 3-4 and 4-3 ebooks for Madden 25. Our maddenschool league is a sim league and doesn’t allow nanos. Are most of the plays nanos? I am really trying to find proper ways to cover the field to give my guys enough time to get to the QB. I dont ever blitz because without nanos it seems you don’t have a shot most of the time.

    1. If you are looking for plays that are acceptable for 100% sim play this ebook probably isnt right for you.

  7. Which ebook is more simple for casual play? This or the 4-3?

  8. Hi, I just bought an ebook im new to this so I was just wondering how I view it? Or does it take sometime to get it sent to me?

    1. It is sent automatically to the email address you provide at checkout or your paypal email address. If for whatever reason you don’t see it, you can email us through the contact tab and we’ll get it sorted out for you right away.

  9. I purchased this and none of these blitz plays work correctly on the PS4/XB1 versions of madden. Are any of you working on defensive plays for the new consoles?

    1. This ebook was designed only for PS3 and XBOX 360. We do plan on releasing a defensive ebook exclusively for XBOX One and PS4 in a week or so