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Easy Option Play For Madden 25 on PS4 and XBOX One

veer option

There must be over 100 option plays in Madden 25 when you consider all of the different formations and types of options in the game.  That can make it hard when you are trying to decide which option play is best.  A lot of the time, people will choose one with pulling offensive lineman or with a guy in motion because they look fancy.  Most of those plays aren’t nearly as effective as a basic read option play like we will be going over today.

Madden 25 Gun Spread Offset - Veer Option

Playbook: Philadelphia Eagles

Formation: Gun Spread Offset

Play: Veer Option

Setup: None Required

The beauty of this play is in its simplicity.  If you make the right read and mix it up with a play action pass every once in a while, it becomes a nightmare to stop.

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