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Madden 19 West Coast Offensive eBook Members Area

Thank you for purchasing the Madden 19 West Coast Offensive eBook for PlayStation 4 and XBOX One.  The eBook will be viewable directly on our website. This eBook is based out of the West Coast offensive playbook but many of the plays can be found in other playbooks as well.

Madden School pro, Mazin, goes over his take on one of the most popular playbooks in the game.

Dive Right Into The West Coast Offensive eBook

Or pick and choose the formations you are interested in seeing.

Formation #1: Gun Bunch Wk

Formation #2: Singleback Doubles Y Open

Formation #3: Singleback Doubles North

Formation #4: Singleback Y Trips

Formation #5: Gun Tight Slots

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  1. There is no Gun bunch Wk in any of the playbooks I’ve seen.

  2. There is no west coast playbook either

  3. Which formations are in custom play books and not exclusive to west coast

    1. Most of the Gun Bunch wk plays, Singleback Y Trips, and Gun Tight Slots

  4. Will you update the plays with the newest patch??

  5. West coast or pats pb on O boys ?

    1. That’s really just a personal preference. One isn’t any better than the other

    2. Where can you find these playbooks

  6. When’s the new D coming? Need run d too

  7. Sorry also are we getting gameplay vids? They help the most

  8. I can’t find the gun bunch wk, or the west coast playbook. Am I missing something? please advise.

    1. It is not in custom playbooks unfortunately

  9. Can someone please drop some new D! Need it!