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Gun Tight Slots

Formation: Gun Tight Slots

Play: PA WR Seam (playmaker hitch)


  1. Hitch route the left slot WR
  2. Streak the right outside WR
  3. In route the TE
  4. Motion the TE in a few steps and hike so he blocks


  1. Quick throw the streak with inside pass lead
  2. Playmaker the hitch inside or outside
  3. Deep over route

Overview: This play has been a staple in my west coast offense for the past 3 years. The over route that we have is quick and it gets over the top of any flat zones to the sideline. We also have a playmaker hitch that gives us more control to attack wherever the hole in the zone is.

Play: PA WR Seam (double drags)


  1. Drag the TE
  2. Drag the slot WR
  3. Streak the right outside WR


  1. Double drags over the middle
  2. Streak route down the seam
  3. Over route to the left outside WR

Overview: Mix this setup in with the original setup and the other plays from this formation.

Play: Bench Swap


  1. Fade the TE


  1. Table route to the RB
  2. Out route on the left side
  3. Either corner route

Overview: The bench concept has been a staple in madden for years as it is an excellent way of attacking the sidelines. I prefer the bench swap play over the bench switch because this one gives us a table route to the RB and lets us utilize an extra route, rather than the blue route that comes with bench switch.

Play: HB Mid Draw


  1. Motion the TE inside and quick snap (same motion as first setup from PA WR Seam)

Overview: Motioning in the TE allows us to get a bit better blocking with the draw, and I also like the motion because it is the same exact motion that we run from the first setup of PA WR Seam. This means once we show the motion look once from PA WR Seam, they will not be able to key in on the motion when we run draw since we make it all look the same.

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