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Singleback Y Trips

Formation: Singleback Y Trips

Play: Double China


  1. Flat route the slot WR
  2. Block the RB


  1. Quick throw to the flat if no flat zone
  2. High or low ball to the TE
  3. In route across the field
  4. Deep post over the middle

Overview: This can be a very effective passing play to add into your offense.

Play: Square Out


  1. Drag the slot WR
  2. Drag the single side WR
  3. Fade the TE


  1. High ball to the TE
  2. Double drags
  3. Deep Post over the middle

Overview: This play works well because it is similar to our china smash play, however we have the post coming from the other side. Opponents try to man up the post route to take it away, but with this play now we can run a post from either side of the field. The fade route clears out the middle and then we have safety drags underneath as well.

Play: HB Draw

Overview: Undercenter draws have been extremely effective in madden for years, and this one is a perfect run for us out of Singleback Y Trips because we do not have a regular dive. To stop our two passing plays they will need to drop more back into coverage, which is a perfect time to mix in the draw.

Play: HB Toss

Overview: This toss is extremely glitchy with our outside blocking. It is similar to the popular toss people run out of the Singleback Trio formation because it just gets excellent blocking on the perimeter. We also have reach blocks by our lineman and our play side guard pulls so it does a great job of sealing off the edge.

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