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Singleback Doubles Y Open

Formation: Doubles Y Open

Play: QB Draw


  1. Highlight the RB and hold either left or right on the left stick

Overview: This is a glitchy way to get an instant QB Draw from an undercenter formation. It can break vs regular defenses but I like to go to it in a short yardage situation.

Play: Inside Cross


  1. Drag the slot WR
  2. Fade the TE
  3. Comeback the stock comeback
  4. Block HB


  1. Drag right away
  2. High low with drag and comeback
  3. In route over the middle, possible high ball

Overview: This isn’t going to be a play we run often but it is a play that we can go to when we want to keep our opponent honest from this formation. We do not want to let people key in on the QB Draw so mixing in this play with good concepts and a good in route keeps our opponent honest.

Play: Bubble Screen


  1. Drag the outside right WR


  1. Bubble screen
  2. Backside Drag

Overview: One of the reasons why I like this bubble screen is it is something our opponent must respect quick to the left, but we can also hot route from it. I like to put our safety drag on the right just in case it the screen is not open.

Play: HB Dive/HB Draw

Setup: None required

Overview: I like to mix in the dive along with the QB draw because it is different timing. I will usually run the draw when it isn’t a short yardage situation but being able to spread out the defense allows the draw to be super effective unless they manually bring defenders inside to stack the box. If they do that, it will open up our passing plays.

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5 years ago

what playbook is this in customs?