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Singleback Doubles North

Formation: Singleback Doubles North

Play: Stick (redzone)


  1. Smart route the stick route
  2. Wheel the HB


  1. Low ball to the stick route/flat if they don’t have a zone
  2. Slant over the middle
  3. RB on the wheel

Overview: This is my go to redzone passing play. There are too many things to guard with both flat routes, the stick route, slant for a high ball, or the RB on the wheel. When you factor in our two run plays as well, this is an extremely hard redzone play to stop.

Play: HB Pitch

Overview: This is one of our two runs from our redzone scheme. It gives us a good outside run that we call when it looks like the defense is stacked inside and not trying to close off the edge. We can also spin back inside if we call it and the defense flies out to take the edge away.

Play: HB Ace Power

Overview: This run works perfectly as a one two punch with our HB pitch play. When they know we have the pitch play they will work to take the outside away, then we will hit them with the ace power and have a pulling guard to clear the way through the middle.

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