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Tips To Stop The HB Slip Screen In Madden 25

madden 25 defense tip HB Slip Screen

In this free Madden 25 tip, we are going over a way to stop the dreaded HB Slip Screen in Madden 25.  It really is as simple as just putting a defensive end or 2 in a contain before the offense snaps the ball.

We have the full video breakdown below.

Madden Tips: Stopping The HB Slip Screen In Madden 25

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  1. Put both defensive ends in QB contains

Madden School Pro Tip: Man to man defense works better than zone defense to stop screens in general so combine the contain with man to man defense behind it for maximum effectiveness (it should still work even if you play zone though).

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  1. can you give tips on how to play man to man it seems when I’m playing sometimes that the guys get open all the time. is there a certain formation that man to man works better in

  2. awesome tip and that simple.

    i would be interested in formations to put wr in the qb spot. especially from pistol formatons with teams without speedy qbs. thx guys and have a nice nfl sunday.

    1. There is no way of putting a WR at QB in any pistol formation. The only formation I know you can do that in is Shotgun Heavy

  3. what is a good def to slow down the run I have been getting killed by the run.

  4. Any tips on shutting down the computers pass. No matter what D the WR always get open.

    1. The computer is a completely different animal because they know what you are doing before every play so there really is no way to trick them consistently

  5. What about the answer about the run defenses.inside runs and sweeps. You didn’t response on tips about stopping the run. Please help.I puchased your 365 yesterday and there’s not much on defenses. Thanks! Can’t afford another e-book.