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One Of The Hardest Routes To Stop In Madden 25

The route we are going over today is one of the best kept secrets in Madden 25.  You probably have never seen it in a game before but after watching this video, you’ll be calling it at least a few times every game.

Check out the full HD video below.

Awesome Madden 25 Money Play: Pistol Trips - Smash

Madden School 365 members can look forward to an upcoming breakdown of the entire pistol trips formation breakdown later on in the week.  If you aren’t already a 365 member, you can join and learn more at this link.

Playbook: Seattle Seahawks

Formation: Pistol Trips

Play: Smash


  1. Hot route your tight end to a flat route
  2. Do whatever you want with your receivers on the other side of the field


  1. Throw it to the running back when he gets open

Madden School Pro Tip: Using a fast running back with decent catch ratings will make this play even more effective.

Let’s break this play down a little further.

smash 1

This is how the play should look right before we snap the ball.

smash 2

Our running back heads toward the sideline and at this point, he looks completely covered.

smash 3

We take off upfield and get huge separation from the defender in man to man coverage.

smash 4

You can see the huge throwing lane our quarterback has to deliver the pass.

smash 5

The defender in man to man coverage is a full 4 yards behind our running back.  If there was only 1 deep safety or 0 deep safeties, we would have an easy touchdown.

smash 6

The deep safety comes up to make the tackle after a 17 yard gain.

If you want to take your game to the next level, check out our Madden 25 eBook below.  Also, be sure to give our Madden School 365 section a shot.


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10 years ago

Huge tip, Thanks

10 years ago

The whole pistol formation in the Seahawks playbook is amazing. So many plays that get tons of yardage!!!!

I can’t wait to see what you guys cover for the 365 members.

Dashawn Anderson
10 years ago

What’s the best running plays for the 49ers

10 years ago

Hey how does this work against a zone?