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Singleback Ace Pair: TE Option

When you pick up any new game, it is a nice luxury to have a couple plays in your arsenal to start you off.  So we decided to go over a few simple yet effective plays that you can take right into an online game and have immediate success with.  Early today, we went over a good run play out of I-Form pro twins but any good madden player knows the key to being successful is balance.  That is why we are also going to go over a pass play to start you off in Madden 13 as well.

Playbook: Miami Dolphins (And plenty of others)

Formation: Singleback Ace Pair

Play: TE Option

Madden 13 Passing Tips: Singleback Ace Pair TE Option


  1. Motion your circle/B receiver to the left and hot route him to your favorite hot route
  2. Hot route your X/A tight end to an out route


  1. If your R1/RB tight end isn’t covered right away, throw a quick pass to him in the flat
  2. If he is covered, that means that your X/A receiver will be open right when he makes his cut toward the sideline
  3. If they are both covered, look to the left side of the field where you have your other 2 receivers Pro Tip: For maximum effectiveness you will want to have a decent running play out of the same formation that you can mix in to keep your opponent honest. You will also want to use a team that has 2 above average tight ends.

Let’s go ahead and break this play down in more detail.

This is generally how the play should look right before you snap the ball.  However, you can hot route both receivers on the left side to anything you want.

We see that a linebacker goes out to the flat with our R1/RB tight end which tells us that our X/A tight end should be open when he makes his break toward the sideline.

Just as we thought.  Our quarterback has a huge throwing window and our X/A tight end has plenty of seperation.

Our tight end makes the catch and we turn it up field for a nice 10 yard gain.

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