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Madden 13 Defensive Lockdown eBook

The Defensive Lockdown eBook for Madden 13 has to be our best ebook of all time.  We spent hours in practice mode labbing up the best defensive plays in Madden 13.  I don’t know too many people that use more than 10 plays on defense per game which makes that fact that this ebook contains 30 plays out of 9 formations even more impressive.  Each and every play can be found in the 46 defensive playbook although there are many plays that can be found in other playbooks as well.

Words really can’t do this ebook justice so please watch a short 1 minute video below that shows you the type of heat you can expect when you buy it.

Madden 13 Defensive Lockdown eBook Promo
Again, there are 30 plays (Most of them are heavy pressure with 4 to 6 defenders blitzing) and great coverage behind them, although there are some run stoppers and situational defenses included too.  The list of formations covered is below.

  1. Big Nickel Bear
  2. 3-4 Solid
  3. 46 Normal
  4. 46 Bear
  5. Nickel 3-3-5 Will
  6. Dollar 3-2-6
  7. Dime Flat
  8. Quarters 3 Deep
  9. (Bonus Content) 46 Bear Under

This year our ebooks are fully compatible with PCs, Macs, laptops, ipads, iphones, any kind of smart phone or tablet.  Pretty much if you can connect to the internet, you can view it.  Each play includes a full HD video as well as a detailed written breakdown.

It doesn’t matter whether you are a seasoned Madden veteran or completely new to the game, this ebook will help take your game to the next level.  The plays are simple enough for inexperienced gamers to use while dominant enough to be ran by veterans playing money games.

Get a head start on the competition.  Get your ebook today!

Only $24.99! Instant Delivery! 

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  1. If you have questions, comments or feedback feel free to leave a comment.

    1. Hey Love the books!! But I am interested in just the Bears lockdown defense. You have specific plays
      for just them thanks Bob

    2. I don’t know if you can say but how many run stops and passing coverages does this contain?

      1. It is approximately 75% pass coverages (Effective blitzes) and 25% run stoppers.

    3. hi i just bought a defensive lock down e book will that book get mail to me as well or does it just go to my email couse im have a hard time following the plays ?

      1. The ebook is only delivered via email.

  2. I’m interested in buying your ebook but my only concern is the coverage behind the the blitz

    1. Every blitz in the ebook is different but none are more than 6 guys so you will always have at least 5 guys in coverage.

  3. I’m new to this Ebook thing, after I buy a Ebook what do I do ?

    1. You will get instructions delivered via email on how to access it.

    1. Yes you will only be charged once.

    1. Yes all ebooks are fully compatible with ipads.

  4. Do i need to be a member before i buy.

    1. No you don’t need to be a member to purchase.

  5. is the ebook stuff new to this..sry feedback is good?

    1. yupp, ebook legit bruh. been using it for madden 11 and madden 12 none of my friends can try me haha. i already know every thing now but u shud get it tho ,U WILL LEARN A LOT . gametag @yeezyville ,get at me n let me teach u some LOl

    2. A little late on the reply, but I’ve had a lot of success with the blitzes out of the advanced defense e book. once you know enough to mix up man and zone, its very hard to stop.

  6. What about run stoppers ? And pressure plays with alot of coverage ?? I brought your ebook last year.

    1. Yes there are a few run stoppers and plenty of blitzes with good coverage

  7. I brought last years N.O.playbook & defensive playbook.Looking forward too this year ebooks.How do these guys do it,I don’t know,but I LUV IT,thanks gamers for your hard work.Oh ya I’m going back too school madden school that is,nothing like meeting top gamers and discussing game tips.

    Thx again,


  8. I noticed some of these blitzes. I have run a couple but don’t come I as fast. I actually play with the broncos. Do you make any adjustments to your defense?

    1. Yes most of the blitzes require between 1-3 adjustments from the standard play.