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Madden 13 Blitz With Good Coverage (46 Normal: Cover 3)

Most dedicated Madden gamers can find decent offensive plays, but no one wants to spend the time in practice mode labbing defense.  One of the biggest requests we get are for simple yet effective defensive plays.  The play we are going to break down for you below meets both of those requirements.

Playbook: Oakland Raiders (Along with plenty others)

Formation: 46 Normal

Play: Cover 3

Madden 13 Defensive Blitz Tip: 46 Normal Cover 3


  1. Hot route your MLB and LOLB (on the right side of the screen) to blitz
  2. Hot route your LE (on the right side of the screen to a yellow hook zone.
  3. Hot route your other defenders who aren’t blitzing to whatever zone you would like

Overview: You should see pressure come from the LOLB position unless your opponent leaves an extra blocker in.  If your opponent starts blocking 6 or 7 guys, mix in a play from the same formation that drops 8 guys into coverage.  Then you have 8 guys covering only 3 or 4 wide receivers.  You should win that every time. Pro Tip#1: Use the Speed package to substitute in a cornerback at LOLB and ROLB.  This will allow you to get pressure even faster on the quarterback. Pro Tip#2: You can use this same concept out of different plays in the same formation.  (Blitz the MLB and the LOLB and drop the LE into a zone)

Lets head into the filmroom and break this play down in detail.


This is how the play should generally look pre-snap.  You can adjust other zones as you wish depedning on your opponent’s tendancies.

You can see here the assignments that each player has.  The key is your #1 defensive tackle occupying both the right guard and the right tackle while your other defensive tackle occupies the center.  This allows your left end to drop back into coverage and your LOLB to get A-gap pressure.

You can see above that if everything goes right, your linebacker has a huge whole to shoot through and no one that can stop him from blowing up the quarterback.

From the quarterbacks point of view, there are 2 offensive lineman trying to block 1 defender and 1 linebacker coming free right up the middle.  Also, notice that no wide receiver is open at this point leaving the QB with no choice but to take the sack.

Still no wide receivers are open as we are sacking the quarterback.  Now you are in your opponents head and he will be blocking at least 1 extra man every play for the rest of the game.

Did you enjoy this play? Check out our Madden 13 eBooks for more dominant Madden 13 tips and schemes.

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11 years ago

Great tip, Mod. Easy setup and great pressure. Look to mix this in with a man blitz to keep your opponents guessing.

11 years ago

gotta give this a try