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A Look Back at Previous Madden NFL Intro Videos

Every year EA Sports spoils us with an amazing intro video waiting for you the first time boot up your Madden game.  Since we are incredibly pumped up about Madden 13 at, we decided to take you on a trip down memory lane.  Below are the last 5 intro videos for previous Madden games (excluding Madden 09 which was terrible).  Once you watch one video, you will watch them all.


Madden 10 Opening Intro

Madden 11 Intro Video


Madden 13 Intro - Ray Lewis
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    This is my personal favorite, ive been playin Madden since 94 and i really started getting into it in 2000 and this one to me is a classic. Luda when he was just coming on the scene back like around word of mouth time frame.

  2. Im a big fan of the eagles and 08 is the best 🙂

  3. I hate the Eagles. But I can’t lie Brian Dawkins had me thinking I could go out there and play at least 2 min.

  4. I think when it comes to hyping me up to play the game. 08 and 13. 08 is more l want to go out an play 13 is ill say a lil of both