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Singleback Ace Pair Flex: Four Verticals

The play we are breaking down in this tip is part of a concept that tournament players are very familiar with especially in Madden 13.  We use 2 fade routes and 2 streak routes with lead passing to throw our receivers open even when it looks like they are well covered.  The full analysis is below.

Playbook: Pittsburgh Steelers

Formation: Singleback Ace Pair Flex

Play: Four Verticals

Madden 13 Four Verticals (Beat 2 Man Under Defenses)


  1. Hot route your running back to block


  1. Against man to man defense, lead pass inside to either your wide receiver on the fade route or your tight end on the fade route. Pro Tip: This play works best with highly rated receivers.  You will also want to have a quarterback with good accuracy to run this play most effectively.

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  1. When are ya’ll gonna put team breackdowns?

    1. We aren’t too sure at this point.

  2. I saw this yesterday did it in the game worked well but after doing it over and over i eventually got picked but I got the w


  4. Is this play in any other offensive playbook?

  5. This play is absolutely deadly. Substiture a quick/fast receiver at the TE2 slot or both TE slots if you have no fast TE’s.

    If it’s 2-Man under coverage, the outside receivers will get open downfield using pass-lead as noted above and as long as the QB doesn’t get sacked.

    If the defense is playing a soft-zone with no flat coverage, I throw it quickly to the outside receiver or TE for 8-12 yards.

    My buddy is completely unnerved at how is safeties are “always out of position” when I run this play. I just chuckle and know that the play is functioning as designed; putting maximum pressure on the deep secondary and making his safeties guess which way I’ll go.